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Get Involved

This page contains information about ways to 'carry the message' through Service opportunities, Outreach and Bringing CoDA to Your Area.

To all members of the CoDA Fellowship:

The CoDA Literature Committee is asking for your contributions to a new piece of literature called Growing Up in CoDA: Becoming Emotionally Mature. The focus of this piece is on understanding how we are moving past our childhood problems by using the tools of the CoDA program. Most codependents know the feeling of being surprised by our own feelings and resulting behaviors. Many of us have, at times, felt like a child impersonating an adult, of feeling “little” in a grown up body, of over-reacting to small affronts, or shutting down in the face of confrontation. In CoDA, as we recover, we gradually learn to reparent these wounded “young parts” of ourselves, and grow ourselves up with the help of our Fellowship. In what ways have you emotionally “grown up” as your work the program of Codependents Anonymous? Please share your story with other codependents. Most stories of this type are one to three pages long. Send your stories to before June 1, 2019.

Service Opportunities

   The Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers to help with outreach. It can be a easy as stamping and folding pamphlets or taking the pamphlets to various places around your area. Join the committee and help share CoDA information and attract people who still suffer. Contact Susan @ (720)-419-9315 and Marlene @ (847)-361-6398 for more info.

We are looking to form a committee to plan a CoDA related party (or parties) in the coming months. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Ruth Ann at:


Bring CoDA to Your Area

   If you would like to bring a meeting of CoDependents Anonymous to your area (or organization), contact us and we will work with you and your group to coordinate a day and time that works for you.

   Have you benefited from the Promises of CoDA? Remembering the Twelve Service Concepts of CoDA, there are many ways to carry the message to other CoDependents who still suffer. Below are a list of a variety of ways you can be of service:

   - Sponsoring
   - Starting a meeting
   - Service work at the various levels:

  • Meeting - Positions vary; please check with your local meeting to see what positions are currently open.
    Some Service Positions can be: Group Service Representative (GSR), Literature Person, Treasurer, Phone List, Key Holder, etc.

  • Community/State Level - These individuals attend and meet at the bi-monthly Business Meetings*.
    Current Open Positions are: Outreach, Special Events, Delegate and Alternate Delegate.
    You can also serve on a committee: Outreach, Events, InfoLine, etc.
    *Note: All members, especially those interested in the service positions listed above, are encouraged and invited to attend Business Meetings.

  • National Level - Check for more information on the positions available.


Ready to do some Service work and Carry the message to others? CoDA is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary this year in 2016!

Fill out the form below with details of your interest and we will get you set up with something soon!

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First Name & Last Initial Only
Please include details about which position(s) that you are interested in, the best way to contact you and which part of the state you are in. Thank you!