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Denver CoDA Intergroup Business Meetings

The Denver CoDA Intergroup Meetings are held the last Sunday bi-monthly from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at South Denver Medical Building. 
Address: 2465 S. Downing St. (downstairs in room 103)

This is a business meeting, and will be held before the regular Sunday Ascent CoDA Group meeting which also hosts a potluck after their meeting. 
All CoDA Members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. 

The next meeting is shown on the events page

Financials - Click on the date to see a PDF of the Financial Report

2017 Donations (3rd Quarter)
2017 Donations (2nd Quarter)
2016 Donations (unavailable)
2015 Donations 
2015 3rd Quarter Report
2015 4th Quarter Report

7th Tradition Donations to Intergroup: 
Please bring them to our Denver Intergroup meetings (see dates above) - cash or check. 
If you are writing a check for a 7th Tradition donation to the Denver Intergroup, for the time being, please make the checks out to "Northern Colorado CoDA Community".   

Literature Updates
This is a list of the Literature available for purchase to the Denver-area meetings' GSRs. It is ordered in bulk from CoDA, Inc. to get discounted prices for groups to sell at their meetings. GSR or Meeting Literature Person, please contact Charlie W. to purchase them directly. 
Here is the most updated Literature count available: click here. updated February 2017. 

Officers and Committee Chairs

During a group conscience, it was decided that there would be no Chairperson or Secretary for this Intergroup. Instead a member who was present at the meeting would be volunteer to be a Trusted Servant and lead the Intergroup through the meeting based on the previous meeting's Minutes and format (open with Serenity Prayer, go through Committee and Officer Reports, Old Business, New Business and make motions, approve the previous month's minutes, and close with another prayer). And a Secretary would also be a member present at the meeting who volunteers to be a Trusted Servant to take the Meeting Minutes, type them up and send them to the Webmaster. 

Our current Trusted Servants and Committee Chairs are: 
Treasurer:  Marlene (OPEN)
Outreach - open
Special Events - Ruth Ann

If you are interested in learning more about these positions, please contact us for more information or attend our next Intergroup meeting! We would love to have you join and be of service to our fellowship at the Community Level! 

For any other questions about the Denver-Area Intergroup meeting, please contact us.