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CoDA International's 2017 Conference and Convention will be October 9th - 13th, 2017.

Colorado CoDA's Delegates are:
Ruth Ann

Alternate Delegate:
Michelle E.

The 2018 CSC is October 9th - 12th in San Diego, California. The motions are ready for groups to vote on and can be found on the Michelle has also provided a synopsis of all of the motions that you can read here.

For group Consciences, we created an online form you can fill out with your group consciences.


Please help us spread the following on the website and in the newsletter: 


This was the first year that the CSC was live streamed! Very exciting steps towards including the entire fellowship! 


New Meeting Starter Kits are available for FREE from CoRe! 

After the new meeting registers with the and receive a new meeting number they can contact CoRe.

Only for new English speaking Meetings or ANY Spanish speaking meeting. 



CoDA International Email Lists - 

Encourage all members to join! 

4 Lists: Weekly Reading, General Announcements, H&I, QSR > click blue box "Email List Sign up" 

You can choose which list you would like to receive emails from. 


CoDA Board Priorities - the CoDA Board asked Delegates to vote for where to focus their energy


1st Sponsorship and Service in CoDA

2nd Social Media 

3rd Website - this is being worked on (presentation by the board) hope to have the new website done by the end of the year, yay!! 


2018 CSC/ICC Info:

San Diego, CA 

CSC - October 8-12th - will be Translated in Spanish for the first time! 

ICC - Oct 12-14 - will also have an entire Spanish Speaking Track for the first time!! 

Book your hotel room ASAP - they said the details would be on on Nov 1st, 2017, but we haven’t seen this updated yet. 

Nonetheless, the room block is guaranteed to sell out and then the rooms will double in price. 



We have a brand new Outreach Packet!!! 

Two new fold outs that were collaboratively created for Professionals! 

Watch out for these - they will be available for print soon! 

Anyone will be able to go online, download them and print them out and distribute them widely to help spread the message of CoDA. 


Colorado CoDA VEI’s

VEI #1

Colorado CoDA Prayer is now officially the CoDA Recovery Prayer!!!! 

Passed by 2/3!!! 

Linda from Spanish Outreach Committee said that she shared this prayer with their Spanish speaking meetings and they translated it and LOVED it! 

She sent us a copy of the translated version (see below), and she also shared that a Skype Spanish Speaking meeting in Spain, CoDA Almas Amaneciendo, has already GC’d it and they are going to include this prayer in their meeting format! They also passed along a pulsating heart emoji to our VE (Colorado CoDA) by way of thanks for this new prayer. 

Oración de la Recuperación
 Dios, ayúdame a
 Aceptar a los demás tal cual son, a
 Reconocer mis propios sentimientos, a
 Satisfacer mis propias necesidades y a
 Amarme así como soy. 

We will be reformatting the Colorado CoDA Prayer to be accurately reflecting that it is now officially CoDA Approved and the new version of it (help, not ‘helps’) and with the new name soon. Please make sure that the updated and correct version is at your local meeting. Thank you! 

This will be update in the CoDA Meeting Handbook as well. 

During the Pro’s and Con’s a member from CoDA Canada also shared that they have been using this prayer in their meetings for years as well! 

VEI #2

The Characteristic of “Co-Dependents guess at what normal is” was sent to the CoDA Literature Committee (CLC) by the Board. This means that this did not go to the floor to be GC’d by the fellowship. It’s the CLC’s responsibility to take all the suggestions from the fellowship and adjust the CoDA Literature as needed. When ready they could bring it back to the fellowship to be voted on at a future CSC. 

Request from a Colorado CoDA member:

I personally followed up with members from the CoDA Board, the CoRe Board and the CoDA Literature Committee and they have all verified that they know that the Pocket Edition of the Blue Book is missing the Low Self Esteem Patterns of the Patterns and Characteristics. They will be making the necessary edits when they get ready to make a new order (which is whenever the CoRe warehouse gets low - which could take a while). But know that your concerns were heard, addressed and passed on. 

All of the other detailed VEI’s and Board and Committee motions are available at Kate and I are happy to be resources and share about them if members have questions. 

This year we had Delegates from Colombia, Italy and South Africa! 

Along with VE Reports from the Austral-asia Intergroup (Australia + Mayalsia) and a couple of other international countries. 


In gratitude from your Delegates,

ashley k. & Kate W.