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Colorado CoDA


Colorado CoDA is the official Voting Entity (VE) for CoDA International. 

It is the state-level for the following Intergroups/areas: Denver-area, Southern Colorado, Northern Colorado and the Western Slope. 

Colorado CoDA currently is responsible for the InfoLine, Website and Delegates who attend the Annual International CoDA Service Conference (CSC). 

Colorado CoDA is in the beginning stages of getting officially set up with a 501c3 and other logistics. If you would like to be of service in this way, please contact us at coloradocoda (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Officers/Trusted Servants

Chair - Mike K. 
Treasurer - Danielle S. 
Delegates  - Danielle D. & Open
Alternate Delegates - Open
Webmaster - Ben R. 
Infoline - Susan S. 


Mike K.


The Chair usually facilitates all the business meetings and sets the agenda. Usually, the Chair does not have a vote, but serves as a vote when there is a tie vote.



Vice Chair

The Vice Chair usually takes over the Chair’s responsibilities/duties in the absence of the Chair.


Danielle S.


The Treasurer is usually responsible for receipt, disbursement and proper accounting and documentation of all funds (7th Tradition donations) and expenses for the Intergroup/VE. Maintains proper and accurate records of all receipts and disbursements; prepares and presents a written report of the status of the Intergroup/VE account in the established meeting periods (and when requested) to the Fellowship for transparency purposes.




The Secretary usually records, maintains and distributes business meeting minutes and key information to attendees, officers and the local Fellowship. They also create and maintain a local contact list and handle most mass mailings.


Ben R.


The web admininstrator creates and maintains a website for the Fellowship. Includes keeping an events calendar, updating meeting list and other website related duties.


Susan S.

Info Line

Takes calls from the statewide phone number.


Danielle D.


Delegates are a Voting Entity’s (VE) voting representatives who are sent to CoDA’s yearly CoDA Service Conference (CSC). They are selected by a VE’s group conscience decision making process at the yearly VE Assembly or Conference. Every Voting Entity may send up to two Delegates to Conference. Delegates are expected to serve as a liaison between CoDA, Inc. and its Voting Entity. A typical Delegate's term is for 2 years



Alternate Delegates

An Alternate Delegate may serve in the absence of a Delegate at CSC. When the Delegate is not able to serve on the floor or steps out of the Conference room for a short period of time, the Delegate "passes his/her badge" to the Alternate to vote in his/her place. An Alternate may or may not be reimbursed by its local VE. An Alternate's term is usually 1-2 years. Alternate Delegates often become Delegates for a future CSC.


Annual General Assembly Meeting (in-person) - June - at the Retreat - Minutes from that meeting
Quarterly Meeting - September - 
Quarterly Meeting - December - 

Annual General Assembly Meeting (in-person) - April - at the 30th Celebration