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The week of 9/25/2017

Colorado CoDA

Conference Motions are ready for Group Consciences

The CoDA National Conference is October 9th - 12th. With that comes some open motions that Colorado CoDA can vote on. One of our delegates, Ashley, has provided a simple way for GSRs to bring these motions to their respective group consciences. Simply go to the Delegates page and view the embedded form at the bottom of the page. Choose your meeting from the drop-down, then ask your group to vote on each of the issues presented and input the results. 

More information is presented on the Delegates page itself (direct link to the form).

New Meeting in Boulder

There is a new CoDA meeting starting in Boulder. It starts Thursday October 5th at 7:00PM.

Boulder Thursday Night Meeting
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
1421  Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80304

Please support this meeting if you can.

Arvada Step Study is still open

The step study is still open to newcomers. They are continuing with the 2nd step this week. 

Christ the King Church
6490 Carr St.
Arvada, CO 80004

The study uses the CoDA approved green workbook.
Contact Susan @ (720)-419-9315 for more info


Looking for Funding for the New Alternate Delegate

Danielle has volunteered to be an alternate delegate to the 2017 CoDA Service Conference for Colorado CoDA this year and one of our delegates for the next two years (2018-2019). As an alternate delegate this year she will go with the current delegates and learn the process of serving in the conference.

Colorado CoDA is looking for additional funds to help support her costs. Please ask for a group conscience at your meetings to see if any excess 7th tradition can be earmarked for this purpose. If you reach a decision, please email with the amount. Additionally, if you wish to donate directly, send an email to and we will add it to the donations.

Looking for Volunteers

The Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers to help with ideas, readying pamphlets, and delivering materials to various places in your area. 

Contact Susan @ (720)-419-9315 and Marlene @ (847)-361-6398 for more info.